WordPress Managed Hosting: Our Infrastructure


Easy Cloud Solutions offers robust and world-class infrastructure options for a variety of customer sizes and traffic needs. Each account, whether an entry-level personal account, or one of our largest dedicated Enterprise solutions, is architected with a best-in-class level of performance, uptime, and redundancy for whichever price-point you decide is right for your business.

Below, you can dig into the details about how we’ve designed our hosting environment.

Commonality Across all Environments

Every Easy Cloud Solutions customer benefits from the same robust and performance-oriented software technology stack which ensures top security, speed, and scalability.

Our Secret Sauce

All web traffic is handled by our sophisticated front-end system, a key part of our use of WP Engine’s famous “secret sauce” layer. This proprietary layer is built off of thousands of carefully designed code rules which are continually audited and adjusted for maximum performance and are finely tuned for WordPress delivery.

This layer also evaluates browser requests for security and decides if they are valid and should be served, or if they are malformed and represent a potential risk. For example, a malformed request may resemble a common attack footprint and will automatically be blocked by our security protocol. Valid requests are served by our caching system or web daemons directly.

Easy Cloud Solutions’ front-end layer also dramatically reduces server load. Unlike a standard hosting environment which requires static requests such as images, JavaScript, CSS stylesheets, etc. to constantly be served by backend resources, Easy Cloud Solutions serves this content from our robust front-end system. This system is capable of handling many times more concurrent traffic than typical, back-end processing, which means that during a high-traffic period, our environment is capable of handling traffic spikes easily, and without any loss in performance.


Our use of WP Engine’s EverCache system is also part of our “secret sauce,” and is often referenced as the most specialized server software linked with the internals of WordPress. EverCache serves common pages (such as home pages and feeds), on average, 4-6 times faster, than other, non-Easy Cloud Solutions servers. EverCache is fully integrated into our WordPress environment (via a system plugin), so cache is intelligently and automatically refreshed as needed, and can optionally be controlled and purged by the user at any time. Because of EverCache, there is no need for site owners or developers to manage caching plugins. We takes care of that for you. Additionally, special caching rules can also be put in place by any member of our support team on an as-needed basis.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A Content Delivery Network is a network of hundreds of caching servers, positioned all around the world, which can store a local copy of your site’s content, and can instantly serve this content to visitors in that particular region. Normally, the content stored on a CDN includes your site’s static files such as images, JavaScript, and stylesheets. When a request comes in for content on the CDN, it automatically determines which of these world-wide servers is physically closest to the requesting browser, and the content is delivered from that location rather than your site’s server.

The effect is two-fold: content loads faster because it’s closer to the end-user (lower latency), and now your site can scale dramatically because the traffic is being served from an expansive global network of servers that can share the traffic load.

We have partnered with NetDNA to offer a robust, enterprise CDN as part of our service. Every account can take advantage of using a CDN and we handles all of the configuration for you. No extra plugins or settings are required and this CDN integration is fully supported by us. Customers can use WordPress as they normally would, and Easy Cloud Solutions automatically changes static file links to use your CDN’s resources. By doing this, your content will begin being served from the CDN with no other modifications needed. Easy Cloud Solutions also intelligently notifies the NetDNA CDN servers when to clear the CDN cache upon local changes and updates to your site.