Fully Managed Hosting on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

What is a Cloud MSP?

Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) assist companies in solving their challenges with finding talent and operating their cloud environment. They convert an organization’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operational expenditure (OPEX) through a rich set of expertise, tools, processes, and practices. Managed Service Providers handle end-to-end operations including purchasing, security, monitoring, updates and cost control for companies allowing them to stay focused on their business goals while optimizing cloud’s performance.

The Benefits of Managed Services

  • Serves as a natural extension of your internal team
  • Possess expertise and tools in many areas (Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, Monitoring, Automation)
  • Implements and defines work processes and methodologies
  • Maintains security and compliance
  • Quick turnaround of new service implementation and continuous architecture improvement
  • Cost control – gain visibility, governance and reporting
  • Peace of the mind – allows you to focus on business rather than operations

What We Deliver

Easy Cloud works hand-in-hand with you to achieve operational excellence on the cloud. Easy Cloud’s fully managed services start with setting goals and customized SLAs then creating a game plan for onboarding and managing your entire cloud environment. A thorough assessment of your system, including detailed documentation of application deployments, behaviors, possible alerts or errors, and procedures is created, allowing our experts to resolve any incidents and manage updates. All modifications are well documented through detailed reporting in order to prevent issues in the future. Besides complete maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, Easy Cloud provides 24/7 support and monitoring, managed security and business continuity.

In addition to cloud managed services, Easy Cloud specializes in professional services which include customized cloud architecture, cloud DevOps and automation, and Big Data migrations.

Managed Backups

When working with stateless applications, your code in a concurrent versions system like Git and your database on RDS, the need for custom backups of your EC2 instances is no longer there.

However, when hosting traditional applications, you still want your virtual servers backed up. And while AWS will give you the building blocks to take those backups, you will still need a framework on top of that to implement retention schemes, cross region backups, cross account backups and more. Easy Cloud offers just that.

Managed Patching

It is a bad world out there, and keeping your systems up to date is an important task. Easy Cloud will take that burden off your shoulders. There are many ways to do this.

Either using traditional maintenance windows where we will update your systems together with you so you can check your DEV/QA/UAT/STAGING servers before we touch production. Either through immutable updates where we launch new instances with the updates installed. Or, automatically every predefined interval where we use tools like Ansible and SSM. We will work out the best scenario together with you.

Managed Monitoring and Alerting

One needs to design for failure. But when things do break, and preferably before that point, we want to know. Our monitoring systems are there to prevent downtime, not just to report it.

Easy Cloud offers 24×7 monitoring and alerting, both on AWS infrastructure level and on OS and application level. Our Service Desk consists of AWS certified engineers that were involved with the setup and implementation of your environment. There is no call center; you only deal with engineers that know your environment and how to manage it.

You have a production server that can be down during the weekend and a development server that is heavily used by remote teams around the clock? We offer a range of support levels that can be set on resource level. You decide what is important when and assign the required support levels. And you pay only for what you need.

Our Infrastructure is HIPAA + GDPR Compliant

Summary: Managed Cloud Services

  • 24/7 global support team with access to dedicated DevOp engineers who were involved during the Migration/Implementation phase
  • Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform
  • Guaranteed SLAs & rapid response
  • Cloud training & process implementation
  • Dedicated PM, regular reviews & long-range planning
  • Secure & compliant systems (PCI/HIPAA/SOC)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Clear insight into what you’re paying for
  • Cost optimization best practices & recommendations