Most healthcare professionals are too busy with their patients to worry about technology.  And for those who are interested in technology, moving patient records from paper format to any kind of online cloud system in our age of hackers and cyberattacks is a bit daunting.

At Easy Cloud Solutions, we make sure that all solutions we recommend are HIPAA compliant and we have created security processes that ensure the highest level of protection for our customer information as well as the Protected Health Information (PHI) of the patients they serve.

Read about how G Suite can be configured to be HIPAA compliant.

For example, all stored data in any of our cloud systems is encrypted and the strong passwords we use in our systems are unique, auto-generated and changed on a regular basis. In addition, we always employ two-step authentication for all logins. To secure our WordPress sites, we use a combination of security plugins to block brute force attacks. We also protect your networks with a tiered approach utilizing OpenDNS and Untangle firewalls to reduce viruses/malware, phishing and denial of service attacks.

Since our inception as a company, we have worked with doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals to figure out the smartest way to leverage G Suite, WordPress and other cloud solutions to boost efficiency and improve patient communications.

Here are a couple of our customers: a private practice dentist in Arcadia and a well-established urologist in Covina Valley.