A new feature that allows real-time communication gets unlocked on mobile.

A lot of YouTube’s features get hidden behind milestones awaiting to get unlocked by creators.

At 500 subscribers, YouTube made accessible a feature to millions of creators. It used to be unlockable at 1,000 subscribers.

Now, YouTube has made yet another feature unlockable at 50 subscribers. This time it is mobile unlockable.

Live streaming from the YouTube mobile app was only possible at 1,000 subscribers. That is no longer the case.

YouTube channels with 50 subscribers can now access mobile live streaming.

There is a catch, mobile live streaming under 1,000 subscribers gets limited. The number of viewers on a live stream gets capped by the number of subscribers plus(+) 25.

A vivid scenario is. If a YouTuber goes live on mobile with 50 subscribers, only 75 viewers can get on the live stream.

The same applies if a YouTuber has 700 subscribers. Only 725 viewers can get on the live stream. (This may change.)

The cap gets removed at 1,000 subscribers. The removal may take several weeks.

The new rule is helpful for small YouTubers. It helps keep live communication with their YouTube audience on the go.

Do you have a YouTube channel with 50 subscribers and above?

Hit the go-live button from the YouTube mobile app. If your screen looks like the image below, then you have the feature unlocked. (It takes 24 hours for mobile live streaming to get enabled.)

Get ready to live stream.

A transparent black screen on mobile shows a YouTube channel ready to live stream on mobile. The stream is titled “New Unlockable at 50 Subscribers.”
Screenshot by the author — A channel with 100 subscribers ready to go live on mobile.

Otherwise, your screen should look like the image below.

A black prompt screen on mobile reads as, “Eligibility, Your channel does not meet our updated eligibility requirements for mobile live streaming. You can still stream with your webcam or broadcasting.”
Screenshot by the author.

If you’re experiencing the latter with 50 subscribers and above. Make sure the channel meets these eligibility requirements:

  • No live streaming restrictions within the last 90 days on your YouTube channel.
  • A verified youtube channel.
  • An Android 5.0+ device or iOS 8+ device.


Mobile live streaming is a handy tool to build an audience through live interactions. Live streams get set to private after streaming. And can be set to public.