Schools have been ditching Google over the past few years. This shift away is especially apparent in Google Classroom but it can also be observed within the Office, email, and Chromebook markets as well.

Instead, schools are opting for offerings from Microsoft and sometimes even Apple combined with Canvas, Schoology, or Blackboard. At first, this shift away may be confusing. After all, has the cheapest and most accessible offerings.

In fact, this is why they became so popular in the educational system in the first place. But, as schools have become more dependent on technology, they have been more willing to expand their budgets to purchase better tech.

Nowadays, technology is no longer an addition to the physical classroom. Instead, virtual classrooms have become front and center with all assignments, quizzes, and tests taking place online. So, schools are becoming more open to the idea of investing in better software solutions and tech.

This video explains the evolution of tech and schools and why schools are ditching Google.